2020 Yearling Nomination Form


MDAR Standardbred Foal Registration Form

All yearlings must be registered with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources.  Please submit the MDAR Standardbred Foal Registration Form directly to to the Department.


Foals of 2019 that are by Massachusetts registered Stallions or from mares registered as Resident Broodmares in the Massachusetts Standardbred Breeding Program must be nominated by May 15, 2020 to be eligible for participation in the Massachusetts Sire Stakes.

Yearling Nomination due May 15, 2020

A late registration will be accepted for yearlings only.  $500.00, plus the $25.00 yearling nomination fee, if paid by December 31st of the yearling year, will count as registration of a Yearling meeting the requirements listed above.

Late Yearling Nomination due by December 31, 2020 Total Fee $525

2020 Yearlings

Eligible as of May 15, 2020